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Our goal is to further the work of simulation education which promotes the success of student learning outcomes and faculty development. Slide

Going Beyond. The AIF project envisions a virtual community in which all members have the opportunity for access to online simulation resources.

Sim Beyond Walls provides resources on topics and issues related to best practices in design, testing, implementation, and evaluation of simulation education content. Check the video modules, resouce library and podcasts.

Sim Beyond Walls is also a virtual space that uses the power of online and social media technology to enable health professions students and faculty to connect in ways beyond a Simulation Center at their respective institutions.

The Sim Beyond Walls project was an Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) Project initiated in 2017 and supported by York University.

The name Sim Beyond Walls reflects our focus on meeting the needs of inter professional students, researchers and educators in the healthcare community who want to integrate simulations into their scholarship and patient care strategy. This resource also welcomes healthcare consumers, advocates, and others interested in patient and clinician education, a research taking advantage of simulation-based learning.
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